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Scientific Project Management and Consultancy

With the help of his partners Dr. Richard Lee and Mr. Colin Chen, Dr. Balaji is available for consulting services to clients in India. This is very helpful to companies and research laboratories that have a good knowledge of their own technology but need additional help with facilities and also networking to the right International partners. Dr. Lee and Mr. Chen have vast experience in the SE Asian and European markets and are accessible via Hylasco for inputs.

Dr. Balaji is trained in the fields of Biophysics (Brandeis) and has more than15 years of drug discovery and development experience in academia and industry. He first participated in the research and analysis of a HIV protease inhibitor that later received FDA approval and marketed as DARUNAVIR (Tibotech) and more recently (2012) OMONTIS (Affymax) amongst many others. With the biophysics background he has built an expertise in mechanism of action research and has worked on numerous studies of novel therapeutics that are in various stages of development. Many of these products will be first in class compounds and belong to the categories of novel NCE’s, biologics and peptides. His prior research focused on virus assembly which has a strong application in the area of a new class of compounds being targeted towards protein-protein interactions. Using X-ray diffraction we have solved many small molecule structures as well, including a full analysis (TGA, DSC, XRPD) for characterizing of polymorphs. He has expertise in High Performance Computational platforms and is a trained Structure Guided Drug Discovery Expert. The computational background has provided support to many bioinformatics and cheminformatics projects over the years.

Previously, he was instrumental in facilities development and also general laboratory planning and upgrades. He has helped industrial clients develop their facilities for large scale protein production and drug discovery. He has training in chemical and biological safety and all aspects of material handling.

Dr. Balaji is also a seasoned entrepreneur and skilled in the business of science. He has mentored and helped many startup companies in the US over the years that have a combined market valuation in the billions of USD. He has worked with various organizations in the Boston area in enriching the ecosystem for new startup companies and other young entrepreneurs. He participated in many workshops and also conferences organized by various Medical Devices and Biotech organizations

Services Offered

  • Preliminary planning discussions followed by proposal writing
  • Budget planning and management
  • Integrated project proposals, timeliness and scheduling
  • Execution and management of research activities/outsourcing strategies
  • Solving of scientific and logistical problems
  • Monitoring of projects
  • Data analysis, report checking and presentation to clients
  • General scientific and professional networking
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